This accomplished educator’s heartwarming and thought-provoking memoir will galvanize readers searching for answers to some of life’s toughest questions: How did I end up in this painful situation? Where can I go from here? How can I find my path in life when I can’t even find my gym bag? Her anecdotes serve as compassionate, humorous reminders that it is possible to find power within our most painful moments—that in fact, these experiences are the root of our power, truth, and self-acceptance. The blend of personal, professional, and pedagogical anecdotes engages readers searching for a balance between their lives and their hearts. The addition of end-of-chapter exercises and book study questions helps readers embark on their own journey to unify their past with their present, with the aim of uniting their true spirit with their life’s work. 

In most lives there is a moment when we need to rise through our pain, through self-doubt, fear, and mistrust, and reconnect with who we are meant to be. Fight Song is the story of an acclaimed educator’s path through chaos into meaning—and a galvanizing manual showing readers how to reawaken connection with themselves and humanity.

Here Bearden analyzes her own path and shows readers how they too can strip fear and passivity from their lives and thrive through the rediscovery of their true values and genuine true life mission. The revealing and often humorous anecdotes illustrate Bearden’s system, a thoughtful process that takes readers from identification of our true worth through unification with others and ultimately to a solid sense of what our purpose—our life’s song—will be.


From Kim Bearden, cofounder of Ron Clark Academy and author of the bestselling book Crash Course: The Life Lessons My Students Taught Me, comes a powerful guide for improving communication and building better relationships.

Whether you are a teacher, administrator, parent, or professional, chances are, you struggle at times to find the right words. Talk to Me gives you those words. In this instructional and inspirational handbook, you’ll learn how to choose words that inspire, encourage, and move people to action. Kim Bearden’s honest reflections and six effective communication principles will empower you to . . .

  • develop rapport
  • gain respect
  • support others
  • engage listeners
  • develop insight
  • increase productivity

In a world desperate for kindness and understanding,
Talk to Me equips you to use your words to show others that you care.

ABOUT Crash Course

The inspiring true story of how a group of inner city school kids taught their teacher how to overcome personal adversity and achieve success and happiness: “Kim Bearden’s message is one that should be heard by all” (Ron Clark).

Crash Course chronicles the life lessons that Kim Bearden has learned during an award-winning career in education. From her challenges as a first-year teacher to her triumphs as the cofounder of the highly acclaimed Ron Clark Academy, Kim shares how children can teach each of us the importance of building relationships, abandoning fear, discovering resilience, embracing one’s unique gifts, and living with passion.

Full of honesty, humor, heartbreak, and humanity, Kim’s experiences show how children can help any one of us find joy and meaning in both our personal and professional lives. Crash Course is “humorous and sensitive” (Kirkus Reviews), an important resource for every home library.